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2013-11-25 by Falko Schindler, tagged as announcement, publication

Finished! In November 2013 I successfully defended my thesis at the University of Bonn and graduated as “Dr.-Ing.” (Doctor of Engineering). It’s been five fantastic years with my colleagues and my supervisor Prof. Wolfgang Förstner.

What Would You Look Like in Springfield?

2010-10-09 by Falko Schindler, tagged as publication

Ribana and I developed a combination of subspace methods and a low-dimensional linear transformation to find relations between similar manifolds from different datasets. One application was to relate real world faces with cartoon images from The Simpsons Movie Website.

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Completeness of Coding with Image Features

2010-04-01 by Falko Schindler, tagged as publication

We investigated combinations of different feature detectors to get as much information as possible. Good results can be achieved with two or three detectors only in case they are highly complementary. Therefore we developed a measurement scheme for the completeness of a set of detectors with respect to the information contained in an image, which gives direct insight into the complementarity of detectors. It has been published in the International Journal of Computer Vision and in a shorter version on BMVC’09.

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SFOP - A scale-invariant junction detector

2009-09-30 by Falko Schindler, tagged as publication

My colleagues and I at the Department of Photogrammetry, Bonn developed a novel scale-invariant keypoint detector, called SFOP, which contains a scale-selection mechanism for junction-type and circular features.

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