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A Computer Vision Scientist from Bonn, Germany

Version Control for Dropbox using Meld

2011-07-26 by Falko Schindler, tagged as tools

Recently I wrote a short BASH script called dropmeld to enable diff and merge functionality like Meld to your Dropbox. It lets you specify a time and possibly multiple files or folders, downloads the corresponding file versions and opens Meld to compare old and new.

Just download the file dropmeld.sh and adjust your email and passwort in line 4 and 5. You also have to change the dropbox root directory in line 6 if it is not /home/$USER/Dropbox. That’s it!

The unix command date processes lots of date and time formats, so you can type something like:

./dropmeld.sh "5 minutes ago" ~/Dropbox/someFile.txt

You get the “decrypted” time stamp that dropmeld is looking for and the version that was found for each file:

Searching version 20110529-232032 of someFile.txt...
Downloading version 20110529-231333 of someFile.txt...

Finally the Meld-GUI is showing the downloaded files or folders (living in the /tmp directory) next to your current Dropbox folder.

Update: Minor correction to follow redirections within the web-interface.