Falko Schindler

A Computer Vision Scientist from Bonn, Germany

Easy Panorama Stitching with Hugin

2011-01-15 by Falko Schindler, tagged as tools

Hugin is a very comfortable tool to create beautiful panorama images e. g. on your holiday snaps. It comes with an intuitive GUI. If you prefer working on the command line, I collected the necessary commands for you:

autopano-complete -o project.pto *.jpg
celeste_standalone -i project.pto -o project.pto
autooptimiser -also project.pto project.pto
nona -m TIFF_m -o project project.pto
enblend -o project.tif project????.tif
convert -trim project.tif project_cropped.png

See the PanoTools wiki for more information. I added the last line for an automatic cropping of the resulting image.

Here is a sample result I obtained for a bunch of images taken at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois and from a roof terrace in Istanbul, Turkey:

Update: Note on focal length multiplier