Falko Schindler

A Computer Vision Scientist from Bonn, Germany

Export Google SketchUp models to Sketch with sketch2sketch

2010-10-24 by Falko Schindler, tagged as tools

sketch2sketch is a short Ruby script that I developed. It enables you to export Google SketchUp models to the 3D scene description language Sketch from Eugene Ressler. Sketch is a system for producing sketches of 2D or 3D objects and scenes. It produces TikZ code that can be directly used in TeX/LaTeX documents.

sketch2sketch combines the advantages of graphical 3D sketching tools like Blender or Google SketchUp with the benefits of scientific systems like Sketch, TikZ, LaTeXDraw or XFig. So you can use your mouse and be creative, while not being forced to live without fency LaTeX markup.

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