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Dropbox and TrueCrypt: Easy and Secure File Synchronization

2010-06-09 by Falko Schindler, tagged as tools

Dropbox is a well-known platform independent file synchronization service that allows you to sync one Dropbox-folder on your filesystem with their webserver. Installing the Dropbox service on multiple computers you can

But there are some drawbacks:

I use a combination of the Dropbox service with a truecrypted virtual disk (instruction from Randomwire):

  1. Sign up for a Dropbox account and install the client.
  2. Download and install TrueCrypt (opensource, all platforms).
  3. Run the TrueCrypt Volume Creation Wizard to create a new virtual encrypted disk within a file (default option). When selecting the volume size be sure to keep it small depending on your internet connection speed as this will have to be transfered to the Dropbox server at least once. The updates are probably done incremental.
  4. Uncheck the option Settings > Preferences > Security > “Preserve modification timestamp of file containers” to notify Dropbox when your secret content has changed.
  5. Save the virtual disk file to your Dropbox.
  6. Place your secret files within the virtual disk and mount/unmount as needed.